GW2 Tools is a pure Gw2 api browser.
It will not display any information that is not present on the official api.

When you first access the website the first time of the day, it can take a few seconds to requests data from Gw2 api (~4 sec in average only to retrieve characters data, it depends on characters number). After that, all is in cache for 5 min and will be fast.


The site is a "server" oriented development. Not a frontend javascript application.
Technically, this is pure object oriented PHP 7+.

We can argue forever about the choice I made: developping it server side and not front side with javascript. There are pro and con.
I wanted to build an account browser which won't be heavy for Arenanet Api. I needed to proxify images, to cache requests and so on.
Too much Gw2 fan websites don't care about the load they make on Gw2 Api servers.

Images are cached by CloudFlare and by me on the server with a long time retention.

Gw2 api request are cached (5 min for most of them) in a MongoDB database and data are dynamically stored into Mongo collections. Almost all data is daily refreshed, prices are refreshed more often (15 min).

The codes used to share pages (ie 'R2eZnmgC4B') are randomly generated (no hashing function used = no possibility to guess a code from access token or vice versa).
Tokens, their related code and share preferences are stored locally in a MySql database. Tokens and codes not used for 1 year are automatically deleted.
To be authentified and to allow the site to show your accounts, the site store tokens in a browser cookie (maximum 20 tokens stored).


The project is 100% open source and shared on GitHub: GW2Tools Project.
You are free to host your own clone of this site if you wish based on this project.

GW2 Api Client is a site agnostic project which allow you to request GW2 Api with caching (file, mysql, mongo, memcached, ...).
This is the low level PHP code used on the site.
You can use it for your own project (but you must know to write PHP code).

If you want to contribute, forks the project and make pull requests.

Thanks to developper who made an api I use to generate gw2skills build links.


The site is hosted at OVH on a VPS server. This is not a big server, be kind if you have lags sometimes.

The trafic is going through CloudFlare for better performances.

About me

Senior PHP developer (Zend PHP5.3 certified), I also worked in C# .Net for Microsoft surfaceTM (the 30" inch table if you remember).
I worked also as a Delphi developper. I wrote my first lines of code when I was 6 years old on a Thomsom 70 computer (1986) in Basic.
Well I did lots of things, also was a Ms sysadmin for a few years (ms Exchange, Active Directory and so on ...)

All that to say that I aim to make a functional / efficient site, and not a beautiful GUI ! Even if I have graphical/ergonomy skills (thanks to Ms Surface development).
If designers want to customize this website or make themes, contact me.