API - Titles

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249Rising FlamesGood Apple
251A Crack in the IceChicken Chaser
272FlashpointFancy Flyer
271FlashpointRock Star
278One Path EndsMaster of Secrets
274One Path EndsStoryteller of Orr
15DungeonsDungeon Master
207The SilverwastesThe Annihilator
212The SilverwastesThe Executioner
208The SilverwastesThe Demolisher
211The SilverwastesThe Tormentor
209The SilverwastesThe Be-All and the End-All
213The SilverwastesDark Traveler
12HeroBeen there. Done that.
11TradesmanMaster Crafter
246TradesmanI'm rich, you know.
186ExplorerTwice-Told Legend
276ExplorerEnvoy's Herald
127FashionThe Emperor
184FashionFashion Collector
233CommunitySweet Tooth
17CommunityCombat Healer
235CommunitySpirited Drinker
216CommunityDeer Commander
1Hall of MonumentsTraveler
2Hall of MonumentsGuild Warrior
3Hall of MonumentsRift Warden
4Hall of MonumentsChosen
5Hall of MonumentsAscendant
6Hall of MonumentsCloser to the Stars
7Hall of MonumentsGhostly Hero
8Hall of MonumentsFlameseeker
9Hall of MonumentsLegend of the Mists
10Hall of MonumentsChampion of the Gods
26Hall of MonumentsGod Walking Amongst Mere Mortals
180Triple TroubleGreat Jungle Wurm Slayer
181Triple TroubleWurm's Bane
175TequatlThe Sunbringer
226BossesKiller Queen
285The DesolationShadow of a Shadow
291Domain of VabbiJunundu Certified
292Domain of VabbiDisciple of Palawa Joko
294Crystal DesertHunter for Hire
295Crystal DesertContract Killer
222Auric BasinThe Golden Child
290Justice of the BladeBounty Hunter
270Knight of the ThornKnight of the Thorn
260Battle of Champion's DuskDusk's Champion
268Battle of KyhloSiege Breaker
247Eternal ColiseumEternal Gladiator
261Forest of NiflhelMonster Hunter
267Legacy of FoefireLord Slayer
245Revenge of the CapricornSalty Sea Dog
265Spirit WatchAscended Spirit
266Temple of the Silent StormSilent Killer
90PvP ConquerorSlayer
91PvP ConquerorChampion Slayer
89PvP ConquerorChampion Brawler
117PvP ConquerorGladiator
118PvP ConquerorMercenary
119PvP ConquerorAvenger
120PvP ConquerorRansacker
121PvP ConquerorMarauder
122PvP ConquerorRavager
123PvP ConquerorReaper
124PvP ConquerorMist Walker
125PvP ConquerorLegendary Champion
104PvP ConquerorChampion Magus
105PvP ConquerorChampion Genius
106PvP ConquerorChampion Paragon
107PvP ConquerorChampion Illusionist
108PvP ConquerorChampion Phantom
109PvP ConquerorChampion Hunter
110PvP ConquerorChampion Shadow
111PvP ConquerorChampion Legionnaire
224PvP ConquerorChampion Ritualist
253PvP ConquerorGod of PvP
254PvP ConquerorLegendary Demigod
257PvP ConquerorImmortal Legend
252PvP ConquerorUnyielding Legend
255PvP ConquerorRelentless Legend
258PvP ConquerorRuthless Legend
256PvP ConquerorMerciless Legend
239PvP ConquerorIndomitable Legend
280PvP ConquerorBest of the Best
70World vs WorldUltimate Dominator
30World vs WorldYakslapper
27World vs WorldLeader of the Yak
73World vs WorldFixer-Upper
46World vs WorldUnstoppable Force
33World vs WorldUnhappy Camper
43World vs WorldTower Toppler
36World vs WorldPlays for Keeps
40World vs WorldKingmaker
58World vs WorldImmovable Object
49World vs WorldCamp Counselor
61World vs WorldTower Guard
55World vs WorldKeep Guard
52World vs WorldRoyal Guard
39Keg BrawlKegmaster
160Belcher's BluffOmnomnivore
230Spirit ValeThe Eternal
238Salvation PassSlippery Slubling
264Bastion of the PenitentCommitted
262Bastion of the PenitentSilent Savior
269Bastion of the PenitentDemon's Demise
300Hall of ChainsVoice in the Void
299Fractals of the MistsFractal Savant
297Fractals of the MistsFractal Prodigy
296Fractals of the MistsFractal Champion
298Fractals of the MistsFractal God
250Nightmare FractalThe Unclean
275Shattered Observatory FractalThe Archdesigner
277Shattered Observatory FractalLeaves No Hero Behind
293Basic CollectionsSunspear Recruit
283Basic CollectionsFriend of Amnoon
281Basic CollectionsSupporter of the Kingdom
284Basic CollectionsAlly of the Sunspears
288Basic CollectionsFriend of the Vabbians
204Basic CollectionsHonorary Skritt
214Basic CollectionsThe Magnanimous
220Basic CollectionsProfessor
221Basic CollectionsHivemaster
236Basic CollectionsFinely Crafted
203Rare CollectionsDungeoneer
205Rare CollectionsAcolyte of Dwayna
201Rare CollectionsGrand Artisan
200Rare CollectionsExotic Hunter
210Rare CollectionsLight in the Darkness
248Rare CollectionsGrandmaster of Golden Arms
225Rare CollectionsFatebreaker
229Rare CollectionsThe Great Reformer
227Rare CollectionsEx Machina
219Rare CollectionsIlluminated
289Rare CollectionsPrimeval Scion
218Specialization CollectionsMistwarden
128Shadow of the Mad KingEmissary of the Mad King
129Shadow of the Mad KingMaster Carver
130A Very Merry Wintersday '12Apprentice Toymaker
179A Very Merry Wintersday '13Journeyman Toymaker
178A Very Merry Wintersday '13Finders Keepers
215A Very Merry Wintersday '14Adept Toymaker
234A Very Merry Wintersday '15Seasoned Toymaker
131Flame and FrostVolunteer
133Flame and FrostAvenger of the Dispossessed
140Secret of SouthsunSouthsun Stalwart
141Secret of SouthsunCrabgrabber
142Secret of SouthsunCrab Toss Champion
161Bazaar of the Four WindsSanctum Sprinter
182The Battle for Lion's ArchHero of Lion's Arch
185The Queen's GauntletThe Blazing Light
176World vs. World Season 1Veteran of the Mists
183WvW Spring Tournament 2014Mist Runner
206WvW Fall Tournament 2014Mist Treader
18Retired AchievementsMiniature Collector
231Retired AchievementsPrimordial Legend
237Retired AchievementsExalted Legend
242Retired AchievementsIllustrious Legend
273Retired Achievements